Logan Ryan on Dak Prescott: It was a routine tackle with no ill will

Logan Ryan has 525 career tackles after making nine Sunday. One of those he will never forget.

His tackle of Dak Prescott in the third quarter began innocently enough.

“That was nothing but a routine tackle with two competitors,” Ryan said. “He’s trying to stiff arm me while I’m trying to tackle him and punch the ball out. When I saw it, I saw (the severity of the injury) immediately.”

Prescott has a right ankle compound fracture dislocation that required immediate surgery. Ryan called Prescott’s injury “bigger than football.”

“Obviously, there was no mal-intent there,” Ryan said. “I went through a similar injury a couple years ago. I just told him, ‘What would Kobe do?’ I hope he comes back. I hope he gets $500 million. He deserves it. Honestly, that was the worst thing that happened today. I have a sick taste in my stomach for it. He was playing a hell of a game and it was a hell of a battle between us. I hate to see it, but stuff like that – adversity – it makes the real ones stronger. I heard he’s getting surgery tonight. I asked my people to reach out so I can send him a tweet or get his phone number and wish him the best of luck. There was no ill will on my part. Dak is a hell of a player, and he’s had a hell of a year. I know he’s going to come back even stronger.”

Prescott remains without a long-term deal, having signed the one-year, $31.4 million franchise tag after failing to come to terms before the July 15 deadline.